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The VT25g is a GPS / GPRS based tracking unit which is suitable for use with automatic vehicle location, road tolling and fleet management systems. Its compact size and robust construction mean that it can be concealed behind the dash of most vehicles. The 6 to 48 volt operating range makes it suitable for 6V, 12V, 24V and 42V vehicles. Two additional inputs are available:

Ignition - used to start position reporting, and
Door - used to monitor any other signal you wish.

The location system of the VT25g is based on the high performance SiRFStar III chipset.

VT25g Realtime GPS / GPRS Vehicle Tracking device VT25g Realtime GPS / GSM/GPS combination antenna
Just some of its features:
  • » Uploads data using standard HTTP POST
  • » Open protocol
  • » Factory fitted SIM card
  • » Position report every 15 seconds
  • » 6V to 48V operation
  • » CE approved

Our web application is still under heavy development. However, if you checkout the links to the right, you can view sample tracking data in tabular form, or as a plot of points on Google Maps.
Also, we have just added some examples of usage reports giving daily journey summaries which include start and end times, distance travelled and elapsed time.
Please note that Google Maps will only display 80 or so positions at once so you'll have to zoom in to see all the position reports.

If you want to arrange a demo, get pricing details or just have someone send you more info, email us at
Alternatively, call us on +353 (0)46 906 0792 or just download the VT25g spec sheet.